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Standing Up for Your Rights

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California Attorney Standing up for the Rights of Employees

Equipped with the resources and experience to take on major employers and complex cases

If you feel an employer has taken advantage of you, you may believe that you have nowhere to turn. But I can help. I fight hard for the people I represent, with all my heart.

I have been representing employees for 30 years. I have litigated hundreds of employment law cases, representing only employees, encompassing a variety of legal matters from discrimination to wrongful termination and unpaid wage claims.

I was Chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the State Bar of California and continue as an Advisor. I was Chair of the California Employment Lawyers Association, and continue to serve on its Board. I also volunteer teach trial advocacy at Stanford University and University of San Francisco Law Schools.

Holding employers accountable

It is easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed when an employer tramples on your rights. Sometimes it can seem as if the employer holds all the cards.

Here in California we are fortunate to have some of the most protective employment laws in the country. My job is to use those laws to help people who have been wronged at work and to hold their employers accountable.

If you are being harassed, discriminated against, or set up for termination, there can be much to be gained by getting good legal advice. An experienced employment lawyer can help you document what you are going through and help you identify and evaluate your options.

If you have been fired or forced out of your job, getting good legal advice early on can make a world of difference.

As the great American author James Baldwin put it, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Having an attorney on your side can make a big difference. The people I represent range from minimum-wage employees to top executives whose employers owe them literally millions of dollars.

Follow the advice of labor activist Joe Hill: “Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organize…”

A strong tradition of providing compassionate guidance and intelligent representation

  • Experience – I have litigated and tried wrongful termination and other employment cases since 1983. That is what I do for a living, but it is also a labor of love. To me, every single one of those cases is significant. I also use my experience to help train other lawyers in how to represent employees and, more broadly, to volunteer teach trial advocacy.
  • Readiness for trial – No matter how small or large your employer, I do not hesitate when it comes to protecting your rights and best interests. While settlement discussions are always a prospect, I prepare all cases based on the assumption they will go to trial.
  • Clear, candid counsel – It is important to me to that you thoroughly understand the legal issues in your case. I explain your options and work with you to make sure you are aware of the benefits and risks of selecting each course of action. I give candid counsel, without the legal jargon, so we can work together well as a team.
  • Client care – I keep my caseload manageable, which enables me to thoroughly understand the circumstances of your case and to craft winning strategies in close collaboration with you. Any questions you have are answered in a timely and thorough manner, so you can have confidence in your representation.

Contact an experienced advocate for workers in California today

Having an attorney on your side can make a big difference. Contact the Law Offices of Phil Horowitz at 415-391-0111 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation today, or contact me online. Se habla español.