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Articles by Phil Horowitz

Employment Law Articles

By attorney Phil Horowitz

Diversity in the Legal Workforce, California Labor & Employment Law Review, May 2008.

Lawyers do not look like America. California lawyers do not look like California. As labor and employment lawyers, we in the Labor and Employment Law Section are well situated to think about how to make things better. After all, the diversity issues we face in the California Bar are the same sorts of issues we advise our clients about, day in and day out. | read more >>>

Settling Employment Cases Without the Mediation Dance, Bender’s California Labor & Employment Bulletin, August 2006.

There are cases for which mediation is very useful. I sometimes serve as a mediator. But mediation is not necessary for every case. Most of the time, we employment lawyers should be able to settle our cases ourselves, without the minuet of mediation. Here’s how. | read more >>>

The History of Sexual Harassment Lawsuits: The Top Ten Mistakes Defendants Make, Bender’s California Labor & Employment Bulletin, July 2004.

All too often, mistakes made by employers and their lawyers cause inappropriate behavior issues to escalate into major sexual harassment problems. Here are ten of the most common mistakes make by employers and their lawyers… | read more >>>

Causes of Action Employee Lawyers Forget, Bender’s California Labor & Employment Bulletin, 2005.

Lawyers representing employees should always brainstorm about what causes of action to include in the complaint. Some causes of action are often overlooked. Here are some of them. | read more >>>