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Whistleblower Claims

All too often, people who raise questions about things at work that do not seem legal are fired instead of thanked.

I have been fighting hard for 30 years for employees who were retaliated against for raising questions about seemingly unlawful conduct.

Employees who raise questions when something does not seem to follow the law are generally legally protected against retaliation. This is true even if the question is raised only with a supervisor or manager, even if the issue is raised as a question instead of a complaint, and even if the question raised has to do with how you or other employees are treated.

A WPA poster by Allan Nase, 1936 or 1937, encouraging working people to demand a safe workplace

Here are some situations where an employee may have a strong legal claim
for retaliation for whistleblowing:

  • You start getting written up or are fired within months of raising an issue about something you believe may be unlawful.
  • Your employer insists you do something you think is against the law, putting you or your job at risk.
  • After you ask for something to which employees are entitled – such as overtime pay, breaks, a safe workplace, or all the pay you are owed – you are demoted, written up or fired.

People who speak up when they see something at work that does not seem right should be praised, not mistreated. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens.

If you think you may have a good legal claim for retaliation, you need someone on your side. Call or e-mail me today.